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We’re Real Tree Solutions, a locally owned business offering professional tree service Joondalup locals can trust! Founded by Beau Bathurst, an AQF Level 3 arborist, our company specialises in a range of tree services, including tree lopping, pruning, and removal. We also provide stump removal, land clearing, and palm tree maintenance across Perth, including Joondalup and Wanneroo. 

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Tree Lopping 

We usually offer tree lopping Joondalup locals need when their trees pose a safety risk or show early signs of disease. Our tree lopping service includes scaling the tree and removing dead branches that are at risk of falling. Similarly, we lop off certain sections when they’re too close to power lines. 

Tree removal Joondalup service

Our team can handle all types of Joondalup removals services, including palm tree removal. We recommend the option to remove trees when they have decayed to the extent that the entire tree needs removing. Otherwise, the disease could spread to healthy trees. It’s also preferred to make more space and reduce fire risks.

Tree Felling 

This involves cutting down a tree using the traditional method – by making a ‘felling cut’ instead of removing it piece by piece. With this method, the tree falls to the ground in a specific direction. Though it takes less time, it requires careful planning and enough space for the tree to fall.

Stump Removal

After removals, we usually grind the stump. It’s a quick and safe process that includes grinding the base and top roots so it’s at ground level. However, some home and business owners need tree stump removal to prevent regrowth and damage from tree roots. This requires the use of an excavator.

Land Clearing

Besides pruning or removing trees, we also provide land clearance services to prepare blocks of land for residential or commercial construction projects. We’re highly trained to carry out large-scale tree and vegetation removal to level the landscape for further building.

Need Reliable Tree Maintenance? Our Joondalup Area Tree Service Also Includes Tree Pruning, Trimming, and Palm Cleaning! 

As a top-rated tree service Joondalup locals can trust, we offer maintenance work to ensure the health of the trees. Pruning Joondalup trees involves removing dead leaves and smaller sections to prevent them from overgrowing. We provide garden care, such as mulching, tree trimming and regular pruning for all species of trees. And if you’d like to know if your trees are unhealthy, we can prepare an arborist report with suitable recommendations. 

Looking For The Best Tree Service in Joondalup WA? We're the right tree loppers Joondalup team for the job!

When you need a tree service Joondalup homeowners can count on, it’s important to choose qualified arborists to get the job done. At Real Tree Solutions, our team includes skilled tree surgeons with many years of experience in the industry. We’re licenced as per Australian standards and ensure that all our tree work is fully compliant with local safety codes.

Our extensive training means that we’re well-equipped to handle tree care safely and efficiently. We’re also certified to operate arborist equipment and machinery while on the job. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we’re able to identify safety hazards and signs of disease using the right tools. 

Why Call A Professional For Joondalup, WA Tree Services

Arborist services like lopping, pruning, and Joondalup removals require specific skills and techniques. Without the right training, attempting to do things like grinding down a tree stump or pruning your tree could be potentially dangerous. Even with proper tools, it takes experience to determine the right maintenance strategies depending on the type and size of the tree. 

Different types of trees require different types of care. For instance, one wrong cut during tree lopping could put your tree’s health at risk. Similarly, trying to cut down a tree on your own could result in serious injuries if you’re not well-prepared. So when you call our expert team at Real Tree Solutions, you’ll feel confident in our workmanship and fantastic service. We don’t hesitate to recommend major changes because we’re always willing to go above and beyond. Plus, all our equipment undergoes regular maintenance to ensure efficient services and a safe worksite. 

Our Formula For Professional Tree Services 

For years, Real Tree Solutions has served the Perth northern suburbs with quality services that ensure customer satisfaction. Our commitment to caring for the region’s trees is what allows us to strike a balance between meeting clients’ needs and being sustainable. 

Wondering how we consistently deliver reliable tree services Joondalup locals can trust? Here’s our formula for maintaining customer satisfaction: 

Licenced Professionals

As licenced professionals, we maintain a high standard of quality in everything we do. Our team members are also fully insured to address any concerns regarding liability so that clients can call us with peace of mind.

Timely Completion 

We pride ourselves on being punctual for every job. Our team will arrive on time and get started with the project as per schedule. This way, we’re able to complete the job by the given deadline, and you can go back to your routine.

Competitive Pricing

At Real Tree Solutions, we strive to deliver affordable tree service Joondalup locals can trust. We’ve set competitive prices on all our services so customers can hire budget-friendly tree care without compromising on quality.

Safety Compliance

No matter the size or scale of the job, our crew members are fully equipped with appropriate gear to ensure compliance with local safety codes. We’re also trained to follow proper safety regulations on the job.

Post-Job Cleanup

Whether it’s trimming or pruning, we make sure to leave your place nice and tidy by getting rid of any leftover debris and green waste. After all, no customer should have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

Emergency Services 

We’re available around the clock, seven days a week, to handle jobs like urgent Joondalup removals. This way, you don’t have to wait until the next morning if you’re worried about a tree toppling over because of storm damage.

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