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Whether it’s time for your trees’ scheduled pruning or removing a dangerous tree after a storm, it’s best to call a tree service Wanneroo residents can count on. Founded by Beau Bathurst, an AQF Level 3 arborist, Real Tree Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that specialises in a range of tree services across Perth and its suburbs like Wanneroo and Joondalup. We can take care of tree felling, removal, and lopping, as well as stump removal and land clearing. 

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Tree Lopping 

We recommend tree lopping services as an emergency procedure to address significant concerns. These relate to the health of the tree and potential safety risks. It involves climbing the tree and removing damaged, diseased, and heavy limbs and branches growing too close to power lines. 

Tree Removal

We provide tree removal services in cases where trees suffer from extensive damage or when clients need more space on their property. In most cases, tree removal in Wanneroo calls for scaling the tree and cutting it piece by piece. After removing the tree, we grind the stump. 

Tree Felling 

Another way to address your tree removal needs is by felling the tree. Instead of cutting it top-down, one section at a time, we make a felling cut so it falls to the ground in a specific direction. Of course, it depends on the size of the tree and if it’s in close proximity to other buildings and trees.

Stump Removal

In most removals, stump grinding is a quick and safe way to get rid of it. However, some cases call for complete removal due to the risk of regrowth or the roots causing damage to the structure of your property. This involves using an excavator to dig out the stump and roots.

Land Clearing

We provide land clearance services to residential and commercial clients looking to clear vegetation from a block of land for further development. It involves removing trees and stumps to eliminate all vegetation and clear the way for future construction.

Need The Best Tree Service in Wanneroo WA? We Can Handle Residential and Commercial Projects in Perth

At Real Tree Solutions, we’re licenced as per Australian standards to provide reliable tree service Wanneroo homeowners and business owners can count on. This means we comply with all local codes and regulations while we’re on the job, including wearing full safety gear and following worksite safety protocols. We’re also fully insured to prevent any disputes regarding liability. 

Thanks to years of experience, our qualified arborists have mastered expert tree care techniques and are well-versed in detecting potential hazards and risks. Plus, we’re trained to operate the latest machinery and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Why Hire a Professional Team for Wanneroo Area Tree Service

There are plenty of perks that come with calling in expert arborists for the job. The most important reason is that they do the job safely thanks to extensive training and access to the right gear. They also take on other tasks, like securing permission from your local council to remove a native tree. Not to mention, we have the industry knowledge about local species to provide individualised care. On the other hand, amateur loppers or DIY-ers could be following general advice, which doesn’t apply to all types of trees. 

Let Us Take Care of Your Yard! We Provide Palm Tree Maintenance and Tree Pruning Services in Wanneroo 

Additionally, our team of tree surgeons also offers garden maintenance. This includes regular services that can help prevent the need for urgent procedures like tree lopping in Wanneroo. With frequent pruning, we remove branches to reduce the chances of the tree overgrowing. Similarly, tree trimming gives your tree a neat look, while mulching can improve the quality of your soil. 

If you’re unsure about what tree work you need, we can perform an inspection and prepare a comprehensive arborist report with appropriate recommendations.

Why Choose Us For Tree Care Services 

For years, Real Tree Solutions has maintained a reputation as one of the top teams of arborists and tree cutters. We’re committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, providing high-quality service, and carrying out each job with utmost precision and professionalism. 

Big or small, here’s how our professional arborists offer consistent results every time:


No customer should have to put off important tree work because they’re worried about the costs. We’ve set competitive prices for all our services so you can get affordable care for your trees without missing out on quality.

Licenced and Insured

As licenced arborists, we follow current local guidelines for all our tree-related services to provide a high standard of quality. We also have full liability insurance to address any customer concerns about liability.

Always On Time

As the customer, you’ll want the job to be done and over with quickly so you can get back to your normal routine. We make sure to arrive on time, get started on schedule, and complete your project by the provided deadline.

Emergency Services

We understand that tree-related emergencies can occur at any time, which is why we provide round-the-clock services, including tree removal. Our emergency services can help prevent the risk of injury or damage to your property. 

Cleanup Post-Completion

Once we finish the job, we do a thorough sweep of the place to make sure it’s nice and tidy. We’ll clear up any leftover debris from pruning or removals and dispose of it as required so you can enjoy a newly maintained garden.

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