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01. Services

Tree removals

Our trade qualified and highly experienced arborists can remove any obnoxiously placed trees with ease.

Whether its storm damage, dropping limbs, dying off due to disease or just out of place in your garden, we have the knowledge and experience to remove with no damage to your surrounding garden.

Our $20 million insurance policy is in place for piece of mind.

02. Services

Palm Cleaning

While popular in Perth’s coastal suburbs, palm trees require regular maintenance to keep them looking lovely.

Whether its a yearly trim of dead fronds, removing the whole palm because it’s out of place or just a general tidy up, palm cleans are one of our specialties.

03. Services

Stump Grinding

Are you tired of seeing that unattractive tree stump in your otherwise attractive garden? Do you have a stump that’s in the way or just a downright hazard?

We can help! We offer a range of tree stump removal options, including stump grinding open and narrow access and lopping trunks to a level to be easily ground out.

04. Services

Hedge Shaping & Trimming

No need for a overpriced landscaper, we do hedge trimming and tree shaping too!

Our years of experience and guidance under some of France’s most prestige hedge masters shine through with our attention to detail – down to the very last leaf.

05. Services

Emergency Call Outs

Branches have fallen on your shed during a storm? A fence that’s been smashed to bits with a unsafe tree falling over? We consider these as our highest priority so when you call us, we responded with haste to get your home back into shape and safe condition quickly.

Our call-to-site visit time is currently rated as one of the fastest in Perth, because we know how important fitting the job in quickly with our clients schedule is.

06. Services

Insurance claim tree management

Nothing is worse than dealing with insurance companies after you’ve had a storm damage problem arise.

Once you’ve provided them with the necessary information, we handle the rest! Our focus is to make your life as easy and smooth as possible when it comes to these mishaps.

07. Services

Fixing others' mistakes

Shoddy tree work unfortunately happens in our industry, but not to fear, RTS is here!

We get called to fix other “tree loppers” mistakes more times then we’d like. Our experience and knowledge can turn a butchered tree back into something that you’d be proud to have in your yard.

08. Services

Western Power Clearances

Stay on Western Power’s good side and give us a call to keep your powerlines and service lines clear before WP start dropping off their notices.

We can manage these on a half year or yearly basis depending on how often you would like them cleared.

09. Services

Firewood Cuttings

Getting the fire ready for winter? Having a bonfire or a bbq with large family? Ask us about FREE firewood!

We work with some beautiful wood daily and much prefer that it gets put to good use instead of being mulched up.

10. Services

Mulched Wood Chips

Free loads of mulch? YES PLEASE! No more forking out hundreds of dollars for terrible generic mulch, we can provide some of the finest mulch whenever, wherever!

11. Services

Garden Tidy Up

Purchased a new property that has half a jungle in the backyard? Our premium clean up services can tackle it back into shape!

Our previous projects have been raging successes and our clients can finally focus on their other fixer-uppers.

12. Services

Site Clean Up

We will not leave a job without providing a premium clean up – at no additional cost!

We clean up after ourselves no matter the size of the job and always leave the site in better condition then when we arrived. We will even fill up your dog’s water bowl!

What our clients are saying:
Emily Bandarian
Emily Bandarian
Very professional, work was done to a high standard and very quickly. Will definitely be coming back :)
Louise Smith
Louise Smith
Thanks Beau and your team, very professional and tidy job. Highly recommended.
Hassle-free friendly service, on-time, and efficient. Work was completed in about 30 minutes for the removal of a Cocos Palm. Will definitely use their services again.
Bryn Arkell
Bryn Arkell
Used Beau and the RTS team today to remove 2 tall cocos palms and 2 clumping golden cane palms from our pool area. When Beau arrived to quote, he was polite, friendly, knowledgeable and punctual. His quote was very well placed for the scope of work involved. The work was booked in same day, to be completed a week later. Beau was once again punctual and friendly on arrival and got to work on the trees. Mess was kept to a minimum and the cuttings neatly piled up on the verge ready for greenwaste collection. Overall, Beau was a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended for your arboreal needs. Thanks again mate!
Graham Jolly
Graham Jolly
Right from the get go Beau was efficient and punctual on giving a quote and responding to phone calls. Crew turned up on time and did the job then cleaned up before leaving, happily have them back or recommend to family and friends.
Beau did an amazing job removing a bougainvillea hedge and fiddlewood tree near my shed. Communication throughout the process was very friendly, easy and they were on time. Great job Beau and team!👍
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