5 Reasons Real Tree Solutions is the right arborist for you

There are a lot of “cowboys” out there that call themselves tree loppers or arborists, but trusting one of these guys could be hugely detrimental to your tree’s health, your property and your wallet.  You take a gamble every time you type “arborist near me” into Google, so here’s some handy tips on how to spot an arborist you can trust.

A real, qualified arborist is both a doctor and an artist of trees.

A tree surgeon as we are sometimes known as, will assess the condition of your trees, diagnose the issue, and provide a treatment or management plan for your tree’s optimised health, strength and stability.

Similarly, arborists are experts in tree aesthetics. By sculpting foliage and removing excess growth, we ensure your trees are contributing to your street appeal year round.

From private properties to local councils, from single trees to groves or trees in public areas, Real Tree Solutions consults on all types of trees all over Perth, Joondalup, and Wanneroo in Western Australia.

At Real Tree Solutions we can promise you this:

We are insured

We are qualified

We have a stellar reputation

We follow safe work procedures

We are passionate about our work

 Let us tell you why Real Tree Solutions is the arborist you can trust!


We are insured

With Public Liability of up to $10 million, we can put your mind at ease that our work is covered and accountable for any injury, harm, destruction, or accidents – but we’re not going to let any of that happen! 


We are qualified

Real Tree Solutions’ owner Beau Bathurst was one of Perth’s first Certificate 3 in Arboriculture graduates to be qualified as a tradesman arborist. 

 Beau’s years of training, climbing experience and guidance under some of France’s most prestige hedge masters shine through with our attention to detail – down to the very last leaf.


We have a stellar reputation

Our dozens of five-star reviews speak for themselves.  Consistently our clients rave about our high quality and efficiency of work, our prompt and reliable service, and our affordable quotes.


We follow safe work procedures

We are proud to say that to date, we have never caused damage to a client’s property or surrounding fences, roofs, trees or backyard equipment.  We take extra precautions, undertake risk assessments and risk management and stay up to date with the arboriculture industry’s best practices.


We are passionate about our work

It may sound like a cliché, but we really do love what we do.  The best tree surgeons are specialists with an extensive knowledge of the tree, its characteristics and the solution required.  We will explain to you, in detailed yet understandable terms, how we will resolve your tree’s problem, how long it will take and provide you with a reasonable price and a formal quote.

So, we’ve told you why you can rest assured that your home and your trees are safe in our hands, now here are 5 reasons you might need to call Real Tree Solutions:

1.     Overhanging branches are posing a risk to your roof, driveway or kids’ play areas.

2.     You’ve been notified by Western Power that you need more clearance between your tree and a power line.

3.     You want to remove existing trees without grabbing a chainsaw yourself and risking life and limb.

4.     Your palm fronds are messy, dried and drooping, ruining the aesthetics of your yard.

5.     Your large hedges need expert pruning and shaping.


If any off these problems resonate with you, or you have another issue, call Beau on 0478 807 816 for your prompt and free quote! 

 We look forward to providing real solutions for you!

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