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Is a tree in your garden giving you trouble? Whether you’re dealing with overgrowth or decay, we offer tree lopping Perth, locals can trust! We’re Real Tree Solutions, a locally owned company that specialises in various types of tree work and related services across Perth. We recommend lopping sections of a tree when it poses a safety hazard on your property. Our team employs a careful strategy to remove heavy branches and diseased parts of your tree.

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Looking for Professional Tree Lopping in Perth, Western Australia? Call Our Licenced and Fully Insured Team 

When your trees are giving you trouble due to issues like overgrowth or getting tangled in powerlines, the last thing you should do is call in an amateur lopper. This can be dangerous as they may not have the right skills or equipment for the job. Our licenced tree surgeons are trained in tree care techniques and operating specialised machinery, which makes us the right people for the job!

Having provided services throughout Perth for years, we have the experience to detect health issues and recommend suitable solutions for your trees. We also have the latest arborist equipment and tools to ensure efficient lopping practices. And we have full liability insurance to prevent any disputes regarding liability in the event of an injury. 

Why You Need Perth Area Tree Lopping or Tree Removal Services

In most cases, it’s an emergency procedure we use to scale back the growth of a dangerous tree. Otherwise, we prefer regular pruning to prevent trees from becoming a safety hazard. There are many reasons we recommend lopping certain tree sections in a timely manner. 

There are dead or diseased limbs that risk falling and causing injury or property damage 

  • Excessive leaf and canopy fall 
  • The tree is infringing on your neighbour’s property
  • The branches are tangled up in powerlines, posing a fire and electrocution risk
  • Its branches are obstructing the view from your window 
  • It’s growing too close to your roof, causing window and shingle damage 

Benefits of Getting the Best Tree Lopping in Perth, WA from an expert tree lopper Perth team

Lopping a tree involves removing unsafe branches using larger vertical cuts. There are some benefits to tree lopping Perth homeowners can trust. 

  • Health: Removing decaying and diseased branches prevents the rest of the tree from becoming infected. It also means that healthier sections of the tree can thrive because they no longer have to share resources. 
  • Safety: When branches decay or grow too long, they can fall or get entangled in power lines. Lopping off these sections helps reduce the risk of a fall or fire hazard on your property. 
  • Presentability: Your tree can grow too heavy at the top or in too many directions at once. By removing overgrown sections, we improve the appearance of your tree. 

Of course, it’s important that you call in a trained tree doctor who is trained to identify signs of disease and decay. Calling an inexperienced tree lopper or attempting to do it yourself could result in the wrong sections being cut off. This could cause further damage, and the tree could diet entirely. 

Our Safe and Efficient Process for Tree Lopping Perth, WA Locals Can Trust 

Here’s the process we follow for most of our services, including tree lopping, tree pruning and removal. In each case, we start by performing an on-site inspection to determine the condition of your tree before moving forward.  

Tree risk assessment

Our tree specialists perform a risk assessment to determine whether your tree currently poses a risk to you or your surrounding property. We’ll also look at its health to know if there’s a need to get the tree removed. If only some areas are damaged, we continue with the lopping process. 

Scaling and lopping

Our trained tree lopper Perth specialist starts by scaling the tree to set up a system of ropes and pulleys. This will help them lower branches to the ground crew. Once our team climbs the tree, they use specialised chainsaws to cut off diseased limbs. These sections are carefully lowered to the ground to prevent injuries.


After we’ve removed heavier sections of your tree, we don’t dispose of them. Instead, our ground crew uses an industry-grade wood chipper to turn the green waste into wood chips. These are great for mulching and improving the soil on your property. Then, we do one last sweep of the property to leave the space nice and tidy. This includes disposing of any other debris or green waste.

Need Residential and Commercial Tree Services? Our Perth Arborists Offer Tree Pruning, Trimming, Mulching, and More 

Besides lopping, our crew at Real Tree Solutions offers a range of tree services in Perth. This includes quality tree pruning and hedge trimming, which is part of regular maintenance. We offer tree removal and stump grinding when lopping isn’t enough. After carefully felling or cutting the tree, we’ll get rid of the stump as well. 

You can also call a qualified arborist from our company to prepare a report on your trees’ health. Our reports include insights about potential diseases or pest infestations and recommendations to improve your trees’ health. We can handle residential and commercial land clearing jobs to prepare a block of land for further development. 

Tree lopping service area

Why Choose Our Qualified Arborists For The Job

Over the years, we’ve provided tree lopping service Perth and removal services to many clients. As one of the leading tree surgery and maintenance companies in the area, we’re dedicated to ensuring professional tree services across Perth. We do this through a commitment to customer satisfaction, listening to our customers, and using the latest techniques and equipment. 

Here’s our formula for providing the reliable tree services Perth residents need: 


We're on time

We do our best to arrive as per schedule and get started on time. This is so we can get the job done by the given deadline, and you can get back to your old routine. After all, time is of the essence when it comes to tree lopping or tree removal Perth locals need.



We offer competitive prices on all our services, so you don’t have to compromise on the health of your tree because of costs. By delivering impeccable quality at an affordable price point, we ensure that Perth’s locals never have to settle for less.


Licenced and insured

We offer competitive prices on all our services, so you don’t have to compromise on the health of your tree because of costs. By delivering impeccable quality at an affordable price point, we ensure that Perth’s locals never have to settle for less.


Safety compliance 

From tree to stump removal, all these jobs can be dangerous without the right equipment. Our team wears appropriate safety gear, and all our machinery is regularly maintained to reduce the risk of injury while ensuring compliance with local safety codes.


Emergency services

We provide emergency tree services around the clock to address safety hazards. Whether the condition of the tree has deteriorated suddenly or you’re worried that it’ll topple over after a storm, get in touch with us, and we’ll be on our way.

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If you’re looking for affordable tree maintenance and care, whether it’s lopping, pruning, or removal, our team at Real Tree Solutions can help. We offer free quotes and expert consultations! Give us a call today to speak with one of our licenced arborists and get a quote on our tree lopping and tree removal work. 

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