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We provide Tree stump removal Perth homeowners can count on | Get rid of that unsightly stumps with our tree stump removal and grinding services! 

Tired of seeing that ugly tree stump in your backyard? At Real Tree Solutions, we’re a locally-owned company that provides quality tree stump removal Perth, homeowners can rely on. We have a team of qualified arborists who specialise in providing professional tree services across the Perth region. Our team can take care of all your tree and stump removal needs! 

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Need The Best Stump Removal in Perth WA? Our Licenced and Insured tree stump grinding Perth crew has got you covered! 

Did you know that trees can grow back from a stump if you don’t grind or remove it properly? It’s why we recommend professional tree stump grinding Perth residents can trust. In this method, we use a stump grinder to mulch the stump until it’s at ground level.

Our crew members are licenced and insured as per local standards to provide tree and vegetation management. That means we’re trained in professional techniques to meet your stump grinding needs. With years experience in serving the metropolitan area, we have the experience to operate specialised tools and equipment needed for the job! 

We Provide Reliable Tree Stump Grinding and Removal After Cutting Down Your Tree!

A major reason many property owners deal with stumps is incomplete tree removal. At Real Tree Solutions, we offer stump grinding services as part of our tree felling process. After we’ve removed the tree, we use a stump grinder to mulch the base and top roots of the stump. It’s a safe and quick method, but some clients require complete removal of the stump. This could be for a number of reasons, such as structural damage due to tree roots. In this case, we provide different options depending on the reason for removal. 

How We Remove Tree Stumps

The most common method involves using a narrow access excavator to dig out the stump. However, if the roots are intertwined with underground wiring or plumbing, we need to use manual removal. This requires detangling the roots by hand to avoid damaging the plumbing. You can also remove a tree stump chemically by speeding up the decomposing process, but this takes more time. 

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Reasons You Need Perth Area Stump Removal

Usually, stump grinding in Perth is enough to prevent a trip hazard or the risk of infestation by insects like termites. But in some situations, we offer to remove the stump due to the following reasons: 

  • The roots are damaging the foundation of your property 
  • The roots are affecting your home’s piping and underground wiring
  • The roots are encroaching on public property or causing cracks in the pavement
  • You want to remove your stump to make space for a new tree
  • You’re planning to build an extension and need more space 

Why Choose Us for Perth WA Stump Removal 

Here’s what makes us the top arborists in Perth and surrounding areas:

Licenced and Insured 

Our team is licenced and fully compliant with local safety codes while on the job. We’re also fully insured to address any liability concerns.

We're On Time

No matter the job, we do our best to arrive on time with the right equipment to handle the job and get it done on time!

We Clean Up 

After the stump is ground or removed, we dispose of any leftover debris and green waste to leave the space clean and tidy.

We're Budget-Friendly

We offer competitive quotes on all our services so clients can get cost effective tree care without compromising on quality.

Need Tree Maintenance Services? Give Us A Call for Tree Lopping, Tree Pruning, and More!

Besides removal, our company also offers a range of tree services in Perth, Joondalup, and Wanneroo. We can lop and prune trees to improve health, reduce safety risks, and promote growth. Our team also provides land clearing to prepare blocks of land for further development. And if you’d like a detailed report on the health of your trees, we can do that too!

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