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Is your palm tree showing signs of decay? Are you worried about it toppling over during a storm? In that case, you need reliable tree removal Perth, homeowners can trust! At Real Tree Solutions, we’re a family-owned and operated business with a team of qualified arborists. We specialise in affordable tree work across Perth and have the skills, experience, and tools to cut down your tree safely and efficiently.

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Looking For Professional Tree Removal in Perth? Our Fully Insured and Licenced Tree Surgeons Can Help

When you need to get a tree removed in a safe and timely manner, it’s best to hire a skilled tree surgeon in Perth. At Real Tree Solutions, our crew members are licenced and certified as per Australian standards to provide tree care, maintenance, and related services. Our tree loppers are also trained in using specialised equipment such as stump grinders and wood chippers. 

We’re also well-versed in local safety codes, so all our equipment undergoes regular maintenance to prevent any safety risks. And while they’re on the job, our team members wear full safety gear, including gloves, goggles, and hard hats. All our work is insured, and our crew members have liability insurance as well. 

Why Hire Expert Tree Removal Perth Homeowners Can Trust 

It’s highly recommended to call in a local tree service instead of trying to do it yourself or calling an inexperienced lopper. Our team has years of experience in removing trees across Perth’s various suburbs, and as licenced professionals, we’re experts in tree damage and disease. We also prepare a plan before starting the process to prevent damage to surrounding trees and property. 

Is Your Tree Protected by the Local Council? We'll Secure The Permissions For Your Perth WA Tree Removal! 

Did you know that certain types of trees are protected by your local council? For instance, native gum trees, fig trees, and some types of mango trees. In fact, the species of the tree determines whether you’re allowed to cut it. A major benefit of hiring our professional tree services is that we have the experience and training to determine if your tree is protected. 

Reasons You Need Perth Area Tree Removal 

There are various reasons you can end up removing a tree. At Real Tree Solutions, our tree specialists believe in taking a proactive approach, so trees grow healthier and don’t require removing. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances where tree and stump removal becomes necessary. Some of the most common reasons include: 

  • The tree is diseased and is showing signs of decay.
    Without removal, the disease could spread to other healthy trees. 
  • You’re planning an upgrade or extension and want to make some space. 
  • You want to reduce the risk of a bushfire by thinning out the brush. 
  • Power line clearance helps reduce the risk of a fire and electrocution. 

Regardless of the reason, our qualified arborists will assess the condition of the tree and recommend a suitable removal plan. 

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Our Process for Perth Tree Removal Services 

To remove a tree sustainably, you need careful planning. Without it, you could end up with damaging your property or getting hurt. So, our team at Real Tree Solutions employs an efficient process when providing tree lopping and removal services. 

Inspection and risk assessment 

We start by visiting the location and performing an on-site inspection of the tree and its surrounding area. This is when we also perform a risk assessment to determine whether the tree poses a safety hazard or fall risk. For clients looking into other solutions besides complete removal, a risk assessment helps us understand the extent of risk and damage. If the damage is minimal, we recommend options like tree lopping Perth residents prefer.

Permissions and Approvals

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re looking for removal, we determine whether it’s a locally protected tree. If it is, we’ll fill out the forms and submit them to the council for approval. Once we get permission, we’ll move on with the process.


Once we’re on-site, we begin by scaling the tree and setting up our system of ropes and pulleys. This is used for climbing the tree and lowering any sections that we remove. However, keep in mind that the tree needs to have strong limbs for us to climb it. Since most removal cases involve decaying trees, we end up needing a cherry picker or crane for the process.

Lopping and Removal

We first lop off the tree’s bigger branches and canopy to prevent excess damage. Then, we decide whether to fell or cut the tree, one piece at a time. Because urban areas don’t offer much space, we usually take a top-down approach, cutting off sections and lowering them to the ground crew.

Stump Grinding

At Real Tree Solutions, grinding the stump is part of offering quality tree removal Perth residents rely on. Instead of leaving behind an unsightly trip hazard, we bring a stump grinder to mulch the base and top roots. This is a quick and safe way to deal with tree stumps, but if you require complete removal, let us know so we can discuss your options. 


On the ground, the other half of our crew gets to work, adding larger sections of the tree to a wood chipper. These wood chips are great for mulching and improving the quality of your garden soil. Since some types of green waste can’t be recycled into mulch, we dispose of it to leave the place nice and tidy.

Need Tree maintenance? We also offer tree pruning, tree lopping, and stump grinding and removal

Besides removals, we provide a range of tree services Perth residents trust. This includes maintenance work like tree pruning and tree lopping in Perth. Our other services include land clearing and stump removal for clients looking to develop a block of land for new construction. Our arborists offer free quotes, so call us today to discuss your project. 

Why Choose Us for tree removal services Perth, Western Australia  solution

Here’s why we’re your best choice for Perth tree lopping and removal: 


Fully insured team

Our crew members are fully insured to address customers’ concerns regarding liability.


Licenced Perth arborists

We’re licenced and experienced local tree removalists Perth professionals who are dedicated to offering excellent service.


Competitive prices

All our services are priced competitively without compromising on quality.

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So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at Real Tree Solutions to speak with a certified Perth arborist and get a quote on our tree removal or cutting services! 

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