6 Reasons you need to call and arborist

Arborist, tree lopper, lumber jack – aren’t they all the same thing?

No no no my friend and let me tell you why…

Unlike lumber jacks or loggers who operate in large scale forests, an arborist is qualified at least to an AQF Level 3 and specialises in the management of often residential trees, stumps, hedges, vines and plants.

An arborist is a tree surgeon, a highly trained expert who diagnoses problems and provides care and treatment plans for your tree’s optimal health and longevity.

A high quality arborist will identify what your tree needs or whether it is beyond saving.  We will offer you a solution that considers your goals for your tree and your property and your budget. 

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So now that we’ve establish what an arborist is and what we do, lets talk about when you might need to call an arborist like Real Tree Solutions:


When your tree is looking sick

You can obtain a complimentary estimate by either calling our certified arborists, which is available 24/7 at 0478 807 816, or by filling out our online quote request form. This way, one of our estimators will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time for assessing the tree service job.


When your trees need a health assessment

Whether it be a single tree in your backyard or a whole grove, an arborist can provide a comprehensive report on the health and sustainability of your trees.


When its time to remove an old tree

A tall conifer pine can block effective internet signal; neglected cotton palms can become home to opportunistic rodents; your gum trees might have contracted a fatal case of root rot – You may want a tree removed for any number of reasons and an arborist like Real Tree Solutions will make it look like it was never there!


When you have messy palms

There is nothing worse than seed droppings or ugly dried fronds on your palm trees, is there?  Palm cleans and trimmings require special know-how at certain times of the year to prevent possibly fatal damage so call a qualified arborist to help.


When its time for a good pruning

An arborist is an expert in pruning using best practices to maintain a tree’s balance and structure, to encourage new growth and prevent entry points for disease or pests.


When tree branches are hanging low

Low hanging branches can pose a threat to your property, your kids and your pets.  Call in a qualified arborist to safely remove potentially hazardous branches while maintaining your tree’s overall aesthetics and health.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, call Real Tree Solutions on 0478 807 816 or submit an enquiry for a complimentary free quote. 

We are qualified and insured arborists with a stellar reputation for timely, affordable and high quality tree care. 

We look forward to helping you and your trees!

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